★ P R E S E N T . T I M E

Betaal veilig met Santu Sucure Ordening. Producten direct leverbaar uit ons magazijn | 1-3 werkdagen binnen Nederland | brievenbus pakje € 3,99 | pakket zendingen € 4,99 | GRATIS VERZENDEN vanaf € 50,00 binnen Nederland.

Present Time’s mission is to allow contemporary design to add fun and a personal touch to life.In the early 1980’s, a small gift company called Kaleidoscoop started. Due to the success of this company it merged with Clockwork and they decided to combine their strengths under the name Present Time. In 1999 Present Time expanded by buying two other companies, Karlsson and Leitmotiv. Today these companies are still recognizable as brands of Present Time.

Present Time cake plate YOYO

★ S A L E . 50%
1-3 werkdagen binnen NL